The Claymore is where savvy men come for high quality suits and tailors. We stock an
extensive collection of sport coats, blazers, dress trousers, dress shirts, top coats, tuxedos
and of course high quality suits for the gentleman who appreciates exceptional quality.
The style of our clothing is distinguished by its soft, natural shoulder and relaxed fit -
this allows the garment to take on the individuality of the wearer, rather than the reverse.

If you're difficult to fit, or just want to reflect your individual style, keep in mind that the
Claymore has built a reputation for specializing in custom clothing and shirtings.
Tailored from the best fabrics in the world, each garment is made to your exact
measurements and personal preferences. With over 1000 fabrics to choose you can
select the perfect cloth, cut and fit to suit your every need. In three to four weeks your
garment will be completed.

Our custom tailor, Mike Alexanian and his staff offers in-house services to meet all your
tailoring needs. He and his staff can turn around your garment in a week - but in urgent
situations, he will deliver in 24 hours or less.

For the man who wants a wardrobe that complements his personal style - or needs a bit of
help discovering what his personal style is - our knowledgeable and informed staff has the credentials to assist you. Our team is ready to counsel you on any clothing needs, and is
trained to help build the perfect wardrobe.

We offer all the items that make a well dressed man, well dressed.

Our custom names include the likes of Samuelsohn, Oxxford Clothes, Hickey Freeman,
Ralph Lauren and Jack Victor.


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